We are working for the IR (International RACE).

Forecast is the following:

- End of March - beginning of April: race's regulations and opening of registration.

- Beginning of May: wheel selected for tire control.

- Before May 20th: payment of registration and tires.

- Beginning of June: Compounds chosen for the race.

Important information:

- EFRA license is not mandatory. A national license is required belonging to the country of origin of the driver. In case the driver comes from a country outside the EU, the license of the block to which the driver belongs is required. For example: ROAR license (for US and Canadian drivers).

- There will be a small place in the bar area for some shops.

- There will be an area for caravans. In order to use this space, it is necessary to inform Club ARCA in advance.

- Timing system compatible with AMB RC2 transponders.

- If you want to place advertising in the circuit you can contact with Club ARCA.

More information will be available soon.

Best Regards.

Club ARCA International Organization.-