Próxima carrera - [/09/2024] - Próximamente preinscripción disponible.

Próximamente preinscripciones disponibles para las carreras del mes de septiembre 2024.

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About Club ARCA


Club ARCA has more than 30 years of huge experience in the organization of all kinds of races practically in all categories, either regional, national or international.

So that everything goes as we expect, we will have a race timing and direction team with a great and proven experience at national and international level.

Besides the lap timing and counting system with the best timing technological equipment available, we have double transponder equipment and a timing antenna, Wi-Fi connection and monitors, situated in podium and boxes.


Tracks and services

circuito ARCA 2021 INGLES

The circuit has the following services

- 132 pilot covered boxes capacity.

- Light and plugs at your disposal and at all the tables.

- Restrooms for men and women.

- Kiosk-bar.

- 140 people stand capacity.

- Technical verification zone.

- Turning area with a 12 Volt connection.

- Auxiliary work-tables.

- Laundry sink, air and water.

- Engine starting area.

- 64m2 podium; 4,2m from pilot area to referee and race director area.

- Security fence on the track.


New 1/18 TT Track